Thursday 28 June 2007

The Wade Dig is on Saturday 30th June 2007

Everything ready we hope for the BIG DIG of the Wade Ireland site on Saturday 30th June starting at 9am. Only approved personnel and press will have access to the dig.

We will display our finds on here and our website

Photographs and maybe a video highlights of the dig will be included.

The area we will be looking at is the former Wade dumping area and who knows what we may uncover. We have received assistance from former employees as to the exact location of the deposits.

This will be a unique opportunity as Vico the developer will be buiding ssometime in the future on the site.

Sunday 24 June 2007

Wade Dig

We are to have a dig at the old Wade factory in Watson Street, Edenderry, Portadown shortly.

There has been a slight hold up due to the insurance cover during the dig. The dig is now hoped to be on Saturday 29 June.

We will let you know if its going ahead. We will take photographs to be posted here afterwards. Everyone is excited as we know there were large number of products deposited in wasteland beside the factory. The exact location is a secret. ( sorry for any gold diggers out there)

Friday 1 June 2007

VIP mailing lists being done this week. Finding addresses sometimes is difficult for those who have moved alot.

Does any Wade workers know the address for the following people?

John Drinkwater
Mr Donald Nelson
Mr raymond Piper