Saturday 14 July 2007

Wade Ireland website nearing 100k hits

The Wade Ireland website is close to 100k hits in just over its first year. There has been incredible interest in Irish Wade throughout the world and we are looking forward to meeting many international guests at out Wade exhibition in Portadown , Northern Ireland on Friday/Saturday 17/18 August 2007. A book is to be launched of Irish Wade at the exhibition.

The website can be found at

Wednesday 11 July 2007

Iris Carryer award

Iris Carryer the daughter of Sir George Wade and co-founder in 1946 of the Wade factory in Portadown is to receive a major award from Craigavon Borough Council.

She is to receive a Honary citizen of the Borough award from the Mayor Councillor Robert Smyth. Only 5 have ever been handed out before.

It is hoped that she will be personally able to receive the award during the Wade ireland exhibition in Portadown which opens to the public on Saturday 18th August to mid November 2007

Tuesday 3 July 2007

More Wade Dig photographs by Jim Edgar

Look there's something - Merle Edgar spots something and Harry Eakin looks on.

Who is the guy in the yellow coat?

Hi -look what I have found. Its a brown bear.

Cardwell in the middle of the hole. He wasn't the only one getting his hands dirty !

Cardwell McClure , John Eakin & Harry Eakin looking for Wade pieces.

You can now view the short video :

Sunday 1 July 2007

Wade Dig Photographs

Cardwell McClure looking for a piece of Wade. We found a good few pieces including Ballywhim Houses, Larry leprechaun, a Brown Bear, A Nat West pig and some green Irish Wade items. Photos of our finds will appear on the blogin next few days.

Merle Edgar looking at some of the pieces found.

Jim Edgar removng Irish Wade wall plaques from the Portadown Gas Works walls. Also floor Wade Ulster tiles were removed from the showroom floor

The digger moving onto the Wade wasteland .